Alphabet Game with Phonics Learning for Preschoolers



Parents' Choice Fun Award 2015


Are you searching for an alphabet game that inspires your Preschooler to learn phonics and the alphabet? Your kids will laugh out loud personalizing letters and turning them into crazy characters while they learn. 

Scroll through the alphabet, choose a letter and get creative coloring it, adding eyes, a mouth and quirky accessories. As you decorate, hear the phonemic sound of the letter then a word starting with the letter comes to life in a hilarious animation.



Created by early childhood experts with audio by mother tongue Teachers, this app teaches kids to identify and name letters, associate letters with their phonemic sounds and learn new words starting with the letters.

In the first part of the game, players personalize a letter. Each time they color or decorate, they hear the phonemic sound the letter makes. This is incidental learning, one of the most powerful teaching methods for Preschoolers. By repeatedly personalizing letters, kids learn to recognize letter forms and associate them with their phonemic sounds.

These are key literacy skills Preschoolers need to acquire according to the Core Knowledge Preschool sequence. 



This game is playable in English (US + UK), Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese (Brazilian)



  • Animated eyes, mouths, moustaches, stickers and accessories
  • 5 different colors
  • Audio of phonemic letter sounds
  • 26 animated words starting with each letter
  • Audio of letter names and a word starting with the letter
  • Photo feature
  • No in-app purchases
  • No third party ads

Crafting activity


From the Designer

I wanted to put the kids in control in this game and give them the freedom to create whatever they want with letters. The idea first came to me when I saw how naturally kids scribble, color and create things with physical crafting materials. I wanted to stimulate this natural instinct in a digital medium by encouraging kids to craft their own alphabet on a touch screen!

Martina Dell’Acqua

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