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Eli Explorer

My First 100 Words Learning Game for Preschoolers



Parents' Choice Fun Award 2015


Best App Award - European Conference of Games Based Learning Competition

Little ones will laugh out loud as they discover their first 100 words and phrases and learn their meaning and correct pronunciation in 10 different languages.

Created by early childhood experts for kids 2+, this app encourages kids to explore in a magical and safe world free from levels and rules. Guide Eli to fly around and uncover hidden surprises in a forest, on mountain tops. Dive into a cave and listen to a monster band, ask for a glass of milk at the monkey bar and make new friends on the way!



The game appeals to a child’s innate curiosity and fascination with flying as they go exploring with a flying bunny and discover hidden animations. The animations include words in context which give kids a meaningful experience with new vocabulary. Repeatedly playing their favorite animations, kids absorb the meaning and pronunciation of new words through repetition.



Play in 10 languages – English (US +(UK), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese



  • Ideal for kids age 2+
  • More than 20 animations
  • Audio by professional mother tongue actors
  • 100 words and short phrases
  • Designed in collaboration with preschool language learning experts
  • No in-app purchases
  • No third party ads

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