Highlights Monster Day

Monster Care Game for Preschoolers

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Editor's Choice Award 2016


Parents' Choice Silver Award 2016

Welcome to a day in the life of a lovable monster! Choose your favorite friend and care for him from morning till night: brush his big dirty teeth, feed him fruit and bagels, help with his science experiment and play basketball at his after school program. In the evening, wash and feed your monster and gently put him to bed.



This monster game is inspired by Swiss Scientist Jean Piaget (1896-1980) a pioneer in early childhood education. Piaget observed that kids 2-7 years increase their amount of playing and pretending, develop imaginary friends and role-play. This game promotes symbolic play and encourages kids to talk to the monsters and create stories.



  • Teaches positive values of caring and friendship
  • Develops compassion and kindness
  • Promotes meaningful lessons about everyday life such as brushing teeth
  • Develops fine motor skills



Touch any of the monsters on the homepage, hold your finger down for 5 seconds and discover the surprise hidden in this monster game!



  • Ideal for kids age 2+
  • Five friendly monsters to choose from with an opportunity to unlock more
  • 13 morning, school and after school program activities
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner scenes
  • Photo feature in every monster game
  • No in-app purchases
  • No third party ads

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From the Designer

Kids love monsters but mostly they’re scared of these imaginary creatures that live under their bed or behind their door. What better way for a child to overcome their fear than to make friends with a monster. Even better if there are lots of monsters and kids play with them and look after them. This was how our team started talking about a game idea which developed into this monster game! During development, I was inspired by the kids I watched playing the game and listened to their feedback. I loved how kids reacted to the monster’s expressions and how they talked to them and created their own stories and games. This game is not just made for kids, it’s made by kids!

Martina Dell’Acqua

Press Kit

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