Highlights Monster Day featured in the technology section of Italy’s top newspaper La Repubblica

Article in Italian F-Magazine about Colto’s CEO Catriona Wallis

F magazine

Highlights Shapes-Preschool Learning Puzzles


The free version of Highlights Shapes-Preschool Learning Puzzles does a good job of offering practice for toddlers and preschoolers to match, sort, and categorize 4 types of shapes and colors as they solve puzzles by sliding the correct shapes into the matching areas on the screen…..

Highlights Shapes: Wonderful Educational Game for Kids to Learn Colorful Shapes with Animal Friends!


eveloping your pre-schooler’s cognitive and fine motor skills can be an entertaining experience with this brilliant game. Let your youngster join a cute fox friend on an amazing adventure….

Highlights Shapes Lets Your Child Learn While Playing


Highlights Shapes – Learning Puzzles for My Preschooler is an incredible app that provides a playful learning environment for preschoolers….

Highlights Monster Day: Quirky Virtual Pets for Developing Warm and Loving Kids!


Start instilling the values of kindness and being considerate as early as now! Give your preschooler the opportunity to take good care of a strange, yet, adorable virtual pet….

Apps triumph at Bologna Children’s Book Fair

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This week in Bologna, creators and publishers of kids books, merchandise, TV shows and digital media gathered for the largest and most prestigious trade fair in the industry, the Bologna Children’s Book Fair…

Le app per i bimbi le inventano le mamme

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Molti libri digitali sono realizzati da genitori. E questa attività diventa un business in crescita. Le novità alla “Bologna Children’s Book Fair”, che si terrà dal 4 al 7 aprile a Bologna…


Shape Gurus in US Today

For preschoolers who are just noticing shapes and colors, this clever app turns that learning into a series of engaging puzzles that seamlessly flow from one to another…

Highlights Monster Day – Best iPad app demo for kids – Ellie

Highlights Monster Day: Play at Home Game for My Preschooler

Parents need to know that Highlights Monster Day: Play at Home Game for My Preschooler is a “monster care” game for very young app users. The app was created by the makers of the childhood classic…

Role-Playing App Highlights Monster Day Cultivates Kindness in Preschoolers

All parents surely want their children to grow up to become good people. That’s why it’s important to help them develop positive habits and values, such as kindness and responsibility, early in life….

Art Gurus, decora la tua classe

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Un gioco pensato per bambini dai 2 ai 6 anni che offre un’esperienza interattiva per personalizzare la classe della sua scuola, modificando i capelli della maestra, l’orologio sulla parete, la cartella della compagna… utilizzando colori e stickers…

Reimagine How Your Classroom Looks Like with Art Gurus

Have you ever imagined what your old classroom would look like if you can repaint and decorate it with colorful stickers? What would you do if you can paint your friend’s bag or change the teacher’s hair color?…

Star gurus App Preview

Star Gurus Review

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State cercando un’app divertente che insegni ai vostri figli a contare? I vostri bambini troveranno divertentissimo unire le stelle per formare le costellazioni, mentre imparano a contare fino a 20….

Star Gurus Review


Star Gurus is an excellent app for children who are learning to count.  With Star Gurus, children can learn to count by connecting the stars in the sky in a fun dot-to-dot style game…

Learn Shape Gurus – teach shapes for my preschooler – Best app for kids

Shape Gurus Review


Shape Gurus is a delightful romp through shapes and colors that toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy again and again while they learn to recognize green circles, red squares and purple triangles….

Playing with shapes and colors


Shape Gurus opens with kids seeing a green circle and a dotted line outline of the same. When they move the green circle to its outline, it starts to jiggle and bounce as if something wants to come out….

ABC Gurus: Kids Education App

ABC Gurus Review


I have a friend – a mother and teacher – who looked forward to being part of her young daughter’s early childhood education. Much to my friend’s frustration, her preschool-aged child had no interest in learning her letters at all, preferring to draw and play….




This App is 100% focused on learning phonemic. So no matter what the kid does, they will always listen to the sound of the letter they are playing with. I think that is great….

Eli Explorer – Fun & Educational App for Kids (iPad, iPhone)


Review: Eli Explorer iPhone / iPad app from Colto


Manufacturer’s Description: Kids will laugh out loud as they discover their first 100 words and phrases and learn their meaning and correct pronunciation in 10 different languages….