Business Analytics

Our team has extensive experience in using the most powerful analytics tools on the market to test and optimize the UX to drive users and increase revenues.

How we help clients

We work with our clients to set business objectives for their digital products and we recommend which analytics tools are best suited to the product in order to read the user behaviour and reach the objectives.  We have in-depth experience setting up analytics tools for clients that enable them to track the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

We also consult clients on how to read and analyse the user behaviour data so that every decision right down to the size and color of a button is data driven.

Our Expertise

  • Translating clients’ business objectives into data points
  • Implementation of data points into analytics tools
  • Reading and interpreting the data in order to get insight into the user behaviour
  • a/b testing the offer screen, free trial length, first time user experience and non-subscriber experience to optimize the UX and drive revenue.
  • Continual optimisation of the game based on the results of the data


Hidden Pictures Puzzle Play

A highly engaging play experience where users race to search for hidden objects in the pictures to earn stars and unlock exclusive challenges.

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