We create HTML5 play experiences that educate, entertain and engage kids. Our HTML5 games are fully responsive and highly portable to other platforms.

We leverage the latest web technologies and frameworks to deliver light, responsive and fun web-based games. We advise our clients on the best web stack for the job, from simple javascript to cloud solutions.

Facebook Playable Ads

We also produce videos and HTML5 games to be used for Facebook Playable Ads. Playable ads are a proven and effective way to boost user acquisition and increase revenues from advertising campaigns by allowing users to play the game before purchasing. We create Playable Ads either from the ground up or from existing HTML5 games where the code is reused to reduce the amount of work and time required.

Our Expertise

  • content delivery over the network to lower loading times and game sizes
  • embeddable solutions that allow games to be customized on different websites
  • automated content creation to ensure that games can deliver a variety of content immediately at launch

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