Cost effective games for the web and mobile that can quickly be customised to your brand to increase engagement with your target audience.

The classic games we offer are the most searched for genres in the kids category that have proven high retention rates.

Why choose white labels

We offer non-exclusive licenses to our white labels for approximately a quarter of the cost of a bespoke game. This means they can fit into your digital marketing budget.

Ready to be customised quickly and efficiently to your brand, our white labels are designed to have an average game play time of 15 mins. With their sticky game mechanics, children will play these games again and again, boosting your brand’s engagement.

Our portfolio

Available both for your website (HTML5) or app (Unity)

  • Drawing games
  • Connect the dots
  • Memory game
  • Jigsaw puzzle
  • Shape shifting game
  • 2D runner game
  • 3D runner game
  • Platformer game
  • 2/3 Match game
  • Trivia Quiz

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