Shape Gurus

Shapes and Colors learning Game for Preschoolers



Editor's Choice Award 2016


Parents' Choice Gold Award 2016


Best of 2015 italian App Store


Best kids apps of 2015 - Tech With Kids


Kindergarteners will love the challenge of solving a series of puzzles with shapes and colors in this delightful geometry learning game. 

Match the white rectangles to the dinosaur’s bones and build a rocket out of triangles, squares and circles to move through the game’s evolving story.



Designed for kids 2+, this educational game teaches math skills of sorting, classifying and matching by shapes and colors, key skills preschoolers need to learn based on the American Core Knowledge Sequence.

The game also teaches creative problem solving skills, creative thinking and improves fine motor skills.



Shape Gurus is playable in 12 languages: English (US + UK), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and South Korean.



– 27 interactive puzzles with 4 shapes and 9 colors

– audio of 36 color shapes with 4 shapes in 9 colors

– no in-app purchases

– no third party advertising


Crafting activity


From the Designer

I was inspired by old cartoons when designing the graphics and feeling for Shape Gurus. The visual concept originated from our team thinking about how plants, animals and objects are made up of different combinations of shapes and colours. The bird, flowers, dinosaurs and rocket in the game are all things kids are fascinated by. In the game’s activities they build them out of coloured squares, circles, triangles and rectangles and solve puzzles while learning shapes.

Martina Dell’Acqua

Press Kit

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